Glaxon Multi - Coming Soon! - Dom O'Connor

Glaxon Multi - Coming Soon! - Dom O'Connor

The squad over at Glaxon have been spending their time wisely during lockdown and have released (another) new product which they have named simply ‘Multi’.

No prizes for guessing that this is a daily multivitamin then.

Now, ordinarily a multi-vitamin is not something that I would advise people consume; rather opting for whole foods instead as whole food substances provide a number of benefits which pills, powders and potions simply do not. But, in the real world this isn’t always possible, for example when travelling and not following your usual routine, when eating in a surplus means you have to minimise the fibre and therefore vegetables you eat or simply because you’re lazy and waiting for broccoli to boil is tedious.

Vitamins and nutrients are particularly important for health related outcomes as we all know.

But also, individuals undergoing particularly stressful periods or strenuous exercise and diet (e.g. prep) which prevents them from consuming the most optimal diet, may benefit from this supplement. Micronutrient deficiencies that go by unnoticed can become problematic if left unaddressed.

Throughout the day vitamins leave the body through sweat and urine as well
as being used up by the body, meaning they will need to be topped up to keep us
functioning as we should do. Now, it’s important to point out that this supplement cannot and should not be used to replace a well-balanced diet, where possible whole foods should be consumed alongside this product, which is simply serving to top you up. A supplement is precisely that, a supplement.

This multivitamin boasts an impressive 21 vitamins and minerals doses for the most part at 100% of recommended daily intake presented in high-quality forms with high absorption rates. (See Figure 1 ). So as with all of Glaxon’s products, the ingredients included in it have clearly been meticulously considered as well as the doses in which they are provided.

Figure 1 . Glaxon Multi ingredient label.

Included in this product is their Super Shroom Blend, which includes a number of ingredients with neuroprotective properties as well as Aztec Marigold (Tagetes Erecta) a plant native to Mexico which due to the presence of lutein serves to improve eye health and prevent age related decline to eyesight.

In addition to this, Glaxon have included a new absorption blend
(Lipidox) which has been designed for encapsulated products to increase the absorption of fat soluble nutrients.

When this supplement is included in your stack, it is recommended to take one tablet twice daily, ideally one in the morning and one in the evening to ensure a continual supply of the
nutrients provided to the body throughout the day and night. But, it must be emphasised again that this product is a supplement and should not replace a well-balanced diet, it serves to enhance and boost your diet.


By Dom O'Connor