HR Labs - DEFIB - Lucy Ellis

HR Labs - DEFIB - Lucy Ellis

DEFIB is the latest pre-workout to hit the bodybuilding supplement market. And let us tell you, HR Labs have got onto a winner with this formula. It’s cool. It’s calm. It’s focussed. Let’s face it, the formula is one of the best that our nerds have seen to smoothly enhance your energy, bring about a delightful pump and all without a crazy crash at the end.

Okay so you’ve got the standard beta-alanine (buffer of hydrogen ions which causes the muscles to become acidic) and citrulline malate (to increase arginine which converts to nitric oxide). Both of these work together to increase performance and time to exhaustion.

So, what makes DEFIB stand out? It’s the rest of the ingredients which work together in that beautiful synergy. The circle of lifting life. You wake, think about lifting, plan your session, take your pre, lift like a god and sleep.

Off track… Let’s talk about the stack.

Betaine Anhydrous is an osmolyte which means that it helps to increase cell hydration and adds to that training pump. Combine this with glycerol monostearate that helps to increase fluid in blood and tissues and you have the ability to increase your muscle volume full of tasty blood, oxygen and nutrients to stimulate a pump and growth (not that kind you saucy minx).

Taurine is one of my favourite compounds to use. It helps to facilitate the neurotransmitter GABA and alongside L-theanine this helps to offset that “crash” associated with stimulant use such as caffeine.

Bioperine helps up to absorb more nutrients and compounds when we use them. However, the actions of bioperine work by inhibiting cytochrome P450 enzymes, which are little enzymes that are in the liver and break down the supplements (increasing their rate of excretion). If we inhibit P450 enzymes, then we have a longer ability for the body to utilise the compounds in the product – an increase in bioavailability.

Finally, the cognitive nerd in me loves the addition of some adaptogenic compounds and some brain juice. Peak 02 is a blend of mushrooms (not those kinds) that have been shown in clinical trials to increase power output, attributed to their antioxidant potential. To top this off we have phosphatidylserine which is a “nootropic” that contributes to a gradual increase in mental alertness and enhances mood. Lastly, CDP-choline which increases the amount of acetylcholine that we have in the brain (our learning neurotransmitter) to improve our cognition whilst lifting by providing a smooth stimulatory effect (and when combined with caffeine these effects are significantly sustained).

Overall, DEFIB is one of the fave pre-workouts for our Lumberjack squad. We look forward to more goodies that the team at HR Labs bring out, which we hope will be a non-stim for the sensitive snowflakes out there.


Lucy Ellis